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Descriptions and Stories


Image/logo description:

This image (located directly above and in the header) depicts a black and white sketch of a smiling woman from the chest up (Anne Marie Ward), with long, light-colored hair, wearing a scoop neck T shirt, superimposed over a solid green background, bordered by a white frame. The woman is drawn using sparse black and grey fine lines to depict facial features, details, and textures.

Story behind the logo:

This portrait and logo was created at my request by one of my dearest and oldest friends, Rachel Schmieder—a talented illustrator and animator earning her BFA from Montclair State University— using Adobe Illustrator, before converting it into a .PNG file format. Rachel and I share a mutual love for design and other creative pursuits, I can personally vouch for her brilliance and kindness, and you can hire her for all your illustration/animation needs at


Image Description: Green and White Vector (located directly above, in the footer, and in the address bar), depicting green capital letters “AMW” inside and touching the edges of a circle with a thick green outline, white filled inside. Created using before being converted to a .PNG file format.

This logo is used as the Favicon [FAVE-EYE-con] in the website address bar or tab corner, and also as the logo in the footer of, linked to redirect to the homepage.

For accessibility’s sake, I created this page as a host for image descriptions and information regarding my site and tools used to create these images. If you have any tips for making my website more accessible, don’t hesitate to contact me via my Contact page.